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I need to do a presentation of a product with charts (Pie and Bar charts).

I use LibreOffice for documentation, but charts are not very beautiful.

Someone could recommend any software to generate charts ?

It's very important that charts will be beautiful, with 3D effect, gradients, etc.


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You know that you can customise the charts, change colours, use 3D, use gradients and redefine nearly everything? – user unknown Jan 21 '12 at 22:02

I recently discovered gnuplot is not as difficult as I thought. New version can output in HTML5. As per piecharts try circles.

Not sure about the 3D effects but you can output it as an SVG and have a play around with an vector graphics editor like inkscape.

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Make sure you tried mathgl too. It's specifically made for nice 3D charts.

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R has very good charting capabilities (click here for a gallery of examples with sources).

It is free and installable from the repositories. The main package is r-base, several additional packages are also available.

Note that R is not a spreadsheet. It is a programming environment -- a bit of work is necessary to obtain what you want. There are, however, several tutorials (this and this for pies).

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