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I have a simple project where I'm experimenting with deb creating: https://github.com/bessarabov/sample-deb I can create package with debuild, but I got lintian warning:

W: sample source: diff-contains-git-control-dir .git

And lintian is right. In the file sample_1.00.tar.gz I have content of the .git folder. There is a simple solution for this: I can run

debuild -I

And in this case there will be no .git/ in tar.gz. But I don't like the idea to specify additional parameters in the command line. There is always a chance to forget to specify that parameters. But I hope there is some way I can place this parameter somewhere in debian/rules file.

How can I fix this lintian warning when building package with debuild?

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If you forget to run debuild with -I then you get a lintian warning, but what's the problem with the warning? Does it make your package upload fail? –  mfisch Oct 21 '12 at 2:32

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