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I have just starting using U1 and it sounds like a ready nice service, but am having no luck getting it to work, and looking for some help.

I am trying to upload a 3GB .iso file, and a 400MB .iso file. I have tried the web interface, and left the upload going for about 17hours, and it just says "Please Wait". I tried a tiny 9.3MB file and uploaded in a couple of minutes.

I then installed the windows client (on an XP Pro machine) and selected the folder to sync. "My Docs\downloads\" and it says "File Sync Is Up To Date"

I have disconnected and reconnected as the FAQ's suggested to force sync, no joy.

Restarted PC etc, and no luck.

Keen to hear from anyone that has some helpful suggestions to try. Would really like to get this working.


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Uploading 3.5GB could take days, depending on your connection speed. See my answer here for how to calculate it. Also can you confirm that it is uploading, or has it stalled? – Tom Brossman Mar 3 '12 at 9:11