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I'm trying to create a kiosk PC only for web browsing using this tutorial as a reference (only difference - I'm using Firefox instead of Chromium)

It is working correctly in principle (only FF window opens when I log in using the Kiosk session) but it looks, well, super ugly. The scrollbar and right-click context menus look like from the 1990s - gray and boxy.

How could I modify the session to get Gnome-like scrollbars/menus without the whole Gnome desktop (top/bottom panel etc)?

My custom X session is currently set up like this:


[Desktop Entry]
Name=Kiosk Mode
Comment=Firefox Kiosk Mode


while true; do firefox -height 768 -width 1024; sleep 1s; done
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In /usr/share/xsessions/

gnome-settings-daemon &
while true ; do firefox -height 768 -width 1024 ; sleep 1s ; done
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