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I installed Ubuntu 11.10 on HP 530 and to make Wireless work installed STA driver from jockey (obviously proprietary) and, since it didn't work also installed their driver from HP website via ndiswrapper.
After this (and a reboot) I see the WiFi indicator glowing, like it should be, and I am able to find local access points. But when I try to connect to mine personal one with WPA 2 security (with password) it hangs at authentification (I'm using wicd to manage wifi), and after a minute or so (I guess timeout of request happens) it says I have a wrong password (it is 100% correct). What might be the problem here?

Yesterday I was able to connect to access point by changing type of encryption from passphrase to preshared key but didn't have internet access. Now, after reboot, I can't connect there again.

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I had the same problem with Natty and that was just a dhcp problem. A static ip adress fix the problem in my case.

Hope that will be helpful for someone ...

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Thanks for reply, but I already switched to Crunchbang linux, where everything worked out-of-box. – foxy Dec 15 '11 at 10:20

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