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I want clicking on an entry in the "window list" gnome panel to:

Leave the window in front if it is already in front.

Bring it to front if it is not already in front.

I'm looking for an option to disable this function for this panel in gconf, or disable minimization in general throughout the WM (I never want to use it)

or, I can download source and replace this panel. I am in gnome 3.0.1.

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By Gnome 3.. you mean Gnome Shell right? because that is it's name.. and Mutter can't be customized to such extents as Compiz can with the CCSM, there's not tool like it for Mutter. –  Uri Herrera Jan 5 '12 at 5:40
if you are using Compiz, you can enable the Window Rules plugin in CCSM and add "any" to the "Non-minimizable windows" field. –  thelaststud Sep 18 '12 at 6:23

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