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I'm using KBibTex (the KDE4 version) to manage my references for some thesis work. It is not in the repos for Ubuntu 11.10, but I installed it without problems using the v. 0.4-beta1 deb from Debian's repos here:

The only thing that seems not to work is the PDF-preview, which states "Cannot create preview for [file]. No part available."

I suppose it relies on some KDE PDF-viewer, but what do I install to make it work?

I should mention that I'm running the regular Ubuntu 11.10 with Gnome and Unity, not KDE.

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I think ...

I think that the KBibTex is using the Okular's Kparts /1/, /2/.

Searching kbibtex+kpart+okular /3/:

"Last but not least, software developers need to know that KDE provides an excellent platform to build upon. For example, the integration of Okular's PDF viewer in KBibTeX with just a few lines of code was a big plus for me."

Here with the Kubuntu 11.10 / KDE 4.7.2 the Okular packages installed:

  • okular - document viewer
  • libokularcore - libraries used by the Okular document viewer
  • okular-extra-backends - additional document formats: TIFF, DjVU, EPub

Maybe the libokularcore is enough ?





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You are exactly right. Thank you :-) – XerXes Nov 29 '11 at 1:16

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