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Which Bluetooth USB adapter do you guys recommend for Ubuntu 11.10/Windows compatibility?

The cheapest, the best. Of course, no CSR deal-extreme please!

Thanks a lot for any advice!

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Any of them. Every bluetooth adapter works in Ubuntu as far as I know.

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Indeed. I just walked into a shop and bought the cheapest one I saw; worked fine. – RAOF Nov 24 '11 at 5:08
Hi, when I decided to post this question here, I was expecting a higher level response!, I know that i can buy a Bluetooth USB adapter through dealextreme for u$s2. In this forum post, I explain my problems with my tiny USB adapter. Which brand and model do you Ubuntu experts reccomend. I really dont want to use the standard CSR USB dongle, Ubuntu 11.10 x64 just crashes all the time with the dongle plugged in! – razor7 Nov 24 '11 at 12:04
Stack Exchange isn't the place for "as far as I know". The linux kernel implements the USB HID API (, so devices can work out of the box without requiring device-specific drivers. That doesn't mean al usb devices are supported however. Niche devices, brandless devices and new devices might not (at least on an older kernel). – Albin Jan 5 at 17:11

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