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I'm setting up an instance of UCI in our lab and have had problems setting up Orchestra to operate successfully behind an HTTP proxy. I am unable to successfully setup a HTTP proxy and cannot run the get-loaders or repo sync commands

Is there a recommended method to setup up Orchestrator/juju to use a proxy server ?

Alternatively, if there is a known workaround, I'd welcome that as well

Any help or guidance would be really appreciated


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Currently, orchestra depends on squid, and installs a squid config [1] into /usr/share/orchestra/conf/squid.conf and in ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server.postinst [2], it (possibly rudely!) backs up and replaces /etc/squid3/squid.conf with a link to that file.

The intent of this is to generally provide an apt proxy (which is also then, by default used for installs).

It seems that we're duplicating effort from the squid-deb-proxy package, and should potentially move to depending on that, and adding any additional configuration we need to that.

It seems that mvo, the author is interested in squid-deb-proxy doing almost exactly what we want here.


[1] [2]

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