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I am now using ubuntu 11.10 but I would like to download ubuntu 9.10 for testing purposes (Compiz experimental plugins). My bandwith is very slow, so I am using a download manager that will support downloading files from multiple sources (Downthemall Firefox extension). The problem is, I can only find one source for this file, which is on the main Ubuntu server. Are there any other sources for this file?

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Here's a list of Ubuntu mirrors...choose at your leisure.

But not all versions are hosted at all mirror, you might have difficulty in finding older versions...

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In this site: you will find below several options to download including (If you want to download from multiple sources) torrent format.

After doing some searching I found several FTP and HTTP sites that had all releases from 8.04 and above EXCEPT the 9.04 and 9.10. The only ones I found were: (DVD Release) (DVD Release)

Also a list of mirrors (Most of which do not have the 9.10 to download directly. Some of them have the torrent format for it):

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