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Just wondering is there a way to make the update manager display on screen automatically straight away after you do a sudo apt-get update or if it is does this it self. More often than not I always have to do a sudo apt-get upgrade instead?

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If you prefer to use Update Manager instead of apt-get, you can launch it from System -> Administration -> Update Manager.

If you want it to launch for all updates immediately after the daily check for updates, you can set an option for that in GConf. Press Alt+F2 or open a terminal window and launch the command gconf-editor. Find the key /apps/update-notifier/regular_auto_launch_interval and change its value to 0.

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I personally like old behavior of update-manager with nice orange icon in tray. If you like too, run gconftool -s --type bool /apps/update-notifier/auto_launch false In this mode, icon will appear immediately after updates are arrived.

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