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Here is a code for Eclipse Drag and Drop

I would like to download it, how to do it using wget?

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There's also a git repository allowing to download the complete packages as ZIP archives.

P.S.: I didn't check whether github has the same version as the webpage...

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wget downloads the webpage with the classpath to a file on your system called .classpath.html (mind the . making it invisible to ls when not using ls -a).

The same aplies to all the other links. Their names are...


So all you need to do is change the .classpath.html in the wget-command to these names and you will pull each of the html files in from that website.


The text you are after is plain text inside the HTML so this will include a bit of garbage: you will also pull in html code and anything this person put into the html file. grep, sed, awk are some tools that can help clean the result up.

I would recommend to copy/paste the code (the site has a plain-view and copy to clipboard) so wget (to me) seems to be the wrong tool.

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you're right about wget. Wrong tool here. – bioShark Nov 22 '11 at 15:24

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