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I have a command like this:

| grep -v @param | grep -v @return | grep -v @Test | grep -v @throws

and its getting bigger, is there any way to make this neater?

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Another option:

... | grep -v -e @param -e @return -e @Test -e @throws
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You can use:

... | grep -v "\(@param\|@return\|@Test\|@throws\)"

or you can use the -E flag to enable extended regular expressions, which will allow you to avoid escaping the parentheses and pipe characters:

... | grep -Ev '(@param|@return|@Test|@throws)'
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@Barton Thank you for pointing that out! –  lgarzo Nov 22 '11 at 15:48

Alternatively, you can place all your patterns in a file, one pattern per line, and use

... | grep -v -f matches.txt

Would make things easier if you use the patterns regularly

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