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I am creating a juju charm that needs to have parameters passed to the configuration upon deployment.

I have looked around and I know you can use juju deploy <charm> --config="key:value;key2:value2" but I cannot figure out where do those fit in to while creating the charm it self.

How can I do this and how does it work?

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Bruno, there is actually an open feature request right now for this capability:

You can create a yaml file right now that will set those options, this page explains it:

Basically to do what your example talks about, save this as local.yaml:

  key: "value"
  key2: "value2"

And then do

juju deploy charm-name service-name --config local.yaml

You can also set the options immediately after the deploy (before the unit is even running) with

juju set service-name key=value key2=value2

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great! thx for the reply ;) – Bruno Pereira Nov 22 '11 at 18:14

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