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In Ubuntu 10.04 the os crashes frequently by displaying "Blank screen blinking with white stripes problem". This problem exists fpr Intel 8xx series chipset users. Now i want to know whether this issue is resolved in ubuntu 10.10 or not?

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In case it matters: due to the many problems of 10.04, Ubuntu released a 10.04.1 version later on. Since 10.04[.1] is LTS (Long Time Support), you may want to give this new version a try. – ringø Jan 3 '11 at 15:52
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According to the site below, the issue is largely resolved on Maverick but "sadly there is a kernel-bug, which prevents showing the mouse-cursor on 855GM-based systems". For these there is a quick fix dkms package that you can install.

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There are workarounds for this issue listed on the relevant Launchpad bug reports.

For i845 Launchpad bug report and upstream

For i855: Launchpad bug report and upstream

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