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I know that I dont need a GUI for browsing Internet (using Links) but what about doing other things like playing movies, music and pictures slide shows. Is it possible to do that in a text mode command line?

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  • For playing movies have a look at MPlayer with video output devices cvidix oder directfb, see the MPlayer documentation
  • For music cmus or ncmpc should work
  • For pictures there's fbi

You need to bee a member of the video group to use graphics at the text console.

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aview image.jpeg
mplayer -vo aa:bold:dim:driver=slang: movie.mpeg

Both incantations use an ASCII art library. The aview program is in the aview Install aview package. There's also cacaview from the caca-utils Install caca-utils package, and its associated driver for mplayer:

cacaview image.jpeg
mplayer -vo caca movie.mpeg

Of course, the picture quality is lousy. Aa has lots of parameters, but it's only with caca that I could almost make something out.

For real pictures, look for a player or viewer that advertises SVGAlib or FBdev support. This includes several mplayer drivers.

There's not much to gain by not starting X. If you're going to use graphics, you might as well start X.

Sound does not require X anyway.

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