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I have a hp compaq nx7300 and if i press the Wifi button it stops, but if i press it again it wont start.

It will start just if i suspend and after get out of suspension mode or if i restart the computer.

Btw, the Led don't stop blinking. In windows that's not normal.

My system is a HP Compaq NX7300

Can you help me with this issues, please?

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This is a common problem with HP laptops under Ubuntu. I'm not sure what causes it, but the solution I have found is usually one of the following:

  • run sudo rfkill unblock all
  • run sudo modprobe -r iwlagn
  • restart the system.

As for the LED blinking, that is actually by design. I get asked about it with my laptop all the time, but it's normal. In fact, the fact that it doesn't blink in Windows is a bit of a broken feature, because the blinking indicates activity.

So for example, if I have an ad-hoc network up, and no one in the house is connected, and I see my light flashing, I know someone in the area has gotten onto the network. If the light didn't flash, I'd never know.

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