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Is it possible to create or extract the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) for/from a monitor. I have some issues with my monitor with the VGA and HDMI cables and I would like to test if by adding the EDID to the Nvidia Settings it could help in solve this issues.

With the VGA cable I get a black out error and with the HDMI I get some EDID errors (bad EDID). So how can I create the EDID or extract it from the monitor by detecting its capabilities.

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Got it. Was wrongly searching in the apt search box for ESID instead of EDID. Found the read-edid app which comes with 2 programs, get-edid which is the one I need to extract the data from the Monitor and then parse-edid which reads the binary output from get-edid (In the same pipeline) and parses it in a human readable format. After this I can include it in the Nvidia Settings and test out the outcome but at least I can extract the EDID from the Monitor.

The how to use it is also here:

but basically is what I just did:

get-edid > filename then parse-edid < filename or just do get-edid | parse-edid

Also the nvidia-settings includes a "Adquire EDID" button that saves into binary or text format.

I will leave this here although this question might not come out a lot, it will help anybody that is looking for something related to extracting the EDID.

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