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I want to configure my Unity desktop in Oneiric so that:

  1. The launcher is never hidden.
  2. When I maximize an application, it fills the visible workspace except for the launcher and the panel.

Currently, when I get the launcher to "Never" hide, and I maximize an application window, it "hides under" the launcher which requires me to manually resize it.

Is there a way for me to configure my desktop so that maximized windows don'd "hind under" or "obscure over" my launcher?



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Please see question: How to make the Unity launcher always visible?

Basically you need to set the Ubuntu Unity Plugin's Hide Launcher option to Never. It can be set by using CompizConfig Settings Manager.

As for your comment that windows hide under the Launcher, this does not seem to happen to me. I've done a few tests and it seems to be working.

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