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I'm trying to figure out how to configure KDE for new users. That is: setting up KDE and make these settings default for every user upon her first login. I know that there's /etc/skel but it's not working nicely because KDE writes user- and machine-specific stuff in its users configuration files and I want this to work for every user on every machine. Also modifying stuff in /usr/share seems wrong to me as well as stuff there could get overwritten by an update or - even worse - modifications there could make auto upgrade fail.

So, is there a standard way of doing this?


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You can always go the "long way". Create a dummy user, login into kde, configure it as you like and then:

  1. Copy the entire ~/.kde (or ~/.kde4, I don't have access to a KDE machine now to check) directory to a common place;
  2. When you add a user to the system, copy in its home the .kde dir you previously saved;
  3. When you are confident it works, make a script to do it automatically.


As per comment below i've already done this in the past, both across users and machines. IIRC was one of the early KDE 4.X releases, it's been a while so maybe something have changed. It even worked for application specific configurations like amarok and kopete. To be honest, I never tried the /etc/skel thing (which I know it's there for this exact reason, to have a default set of dotfiles for new user accounts) but maybe (don't really know!) doesn't work too good with directory trees? Manually copying the .kde dir has worked for me, though.

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Well that's the same as writing it to /etc/skel, surely, and the OP already said that didn't work nicely ... (user/machine names in config keys?) Maybe it'd work if you made the script to search and replace all the problem strings? – ams Nov 21 '11 at 11:56
@ams well i think so, but in the last two years I copied my .kde(4) dir to various machines and different accounts without any trouble. – Mr Shunz Nov 21 '11 at 12:20

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