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I have installed turtlebot on my robot and also on the desktop. I am using the software on a 4XXX roomba. The baud rate is the same as the turtlebot. But, the port is not the same. I have tried and tried to edit the configuration file and it will not let me save it. It says I don't have permissions.

When I try to change the permissions, it tells me that I am not the owner so i cannot change the permission. This happens on both the netbook AND the desktop. I am loss to what to do next. chmod and chown do not seem to work.

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Have you tried sudo -s at terminal before proceeding with chmod? If not, type at terminal sudo -s press ENTER input your system password and change to the file directory, at terminal type cd /type folder location here/ type filename here, next sudo chgrp type filename here press ENTER and sudo chmod g+rwx type filename press ENTER. I hope that would help out with the situation a bit. Thank you.

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