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After waking up from suspend, I see these half-transparent window handles, but I don't know how to activate it.
Sometimes I can deactivate it by tapping the touchpad.

What is the function of this?
How to activate it?

What is this?

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That is the Unity Mt Grab Handles ( a compiz plugin). It gives you a move point (center) & resize handles.

To use - open the plugin in ccsm (compizconfig-settings-manager) & set a binding either for 'toogle handles' & or 'show handles'

It's value on a desktop/laptop install is questionable, there are easier ways to move & or resize windows & the plugin has been known to cause issues

If you have ccsm installed & wish to go directly to the plugin run

ccsm -p unitymtgrabhandles

Edit: if deciding to use, - keep in mind that ccsm does not check for general keyboard binding conflicts so choose wisely

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I believe that enables you to scroll the window by moving the mouse cursor. I don't know how to activate it, though.

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