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I am getting a new laptop. The performance of Octave/Matlab is affected by processor and RAM?

So, may i know, which of them affect more? The processor or the RAM? Does the performance from i3 and i7 have great difference?

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Adding more RAM to your system is far less expensive and really easy considering an upgrade of a CPU.

Tipically 3-4 Gb of RAM are the right amount for a modern and "all-round" computer, an i7 is a waste of money if you are not going to use it for really intensive calculus like rendering or phisics simulations.

If i was you i will buy an i5 with 4Gb of a really good RAM with low latency, also remember that a good system comes with a good air-flow, a good and clean power source, and a good balance between the elements, if you have a really good CPU but a really bad chipset you are facing a really unpleasent bottleneck.

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I am using the laptop to solve NP-hard problem. Is i3 enough? – user33831 Nov 20 '11 at 9:52

Then an SSD hard drive.

It all depends on what you'd be doing, but if by any chance you'd be loading large datasets then your first priority would be RAM.

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