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When juju Install juju fetches packages for a unit, does it make use of the host system's APT cache? I'm asking this because in my case, bandwidth is limited and I am doing some charm development.

It is not really an option to have Juju continuously fetching packages every time I want to test a charm. Is there some way of having Juju cache the packages it fetches so that it doesn't have to download them all each time?

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If you're using juju locally then it automatically caches debs using apt-cacher-ng, unfortunately this doesn't share a cache with whatever existing proxy you might have.

However after the first run that cache will be filled with the OS bits, so after your first run of deployments each subsequent deployment should be hitting that cache, it just won't be sharing your system's cache.

From my hallways discussions with juju developers they know that having a separate cacher instead of just using the one you might have set up already is not ideal but they haven't figured out a way to do that in a clean way, it would be nice if you were to file a bug on that though so they won't forget.

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Great, thanks! After the first couple of deploys, I noticed decreased network usage so I assumed something was up :) –  Nathan Osman Nov 20 '11 at 20:57
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