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How can I direct apt-get install package_name to download package and its dependencies to some other location instead of /var/cache/apt/archives?

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You can download a package and all its dependencies with the following command, provided neither the package nor its dependencies are installed in the machine:

sudo apt-get --download-only -o Dir::Cache="/path/to/destination/dir/" \
    -o Dir::Cache::archives="./" install package_name
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Just try:

cd /directory
apt-get download package_name*
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note that this will work for distros >= raring – mattexx Sep 16 '14 at 18:08

You can edit file /etc/apt/apt.conf and add this:

Dir::Cache::Archives "/path/you/want/";

Note that from now on, all downloaded files by apt will be stored on that dir. To disable it, you only need to comment that line (with #)

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