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Possible Duplicate:
How do I make the Dash open up fullscreen in 2D?

I'd like to click on the Ubuntu buttom and see the dash in full screen as default. Am I able to do it using Ubuntu 11.10 and Unity 2D?

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just maximze it once and all future dash shall open in maximized fullscreen

enter image description here

click on the the third button from left on the top left corner

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Thank you for your attention, but I'm using Unity 2D right now. In Unity 2D it doesn't work that way. – Alex Góes Fuhrmann Nov 19 '11 at 20:15

In 11.10 & unity-2d I believe it may be determined by screen resolution, not sure exactly what the cutoff is.

If you get the non-fullscreen by default then that's what you'll see each time the Dash is opened, you can only get fullscreen by clicking on.

There is this thread with 2 posted code changes, don't see either working here on a laptop @ 1200X800

How do I make the Dash open up fullscreen in 2D?

As far as form-factor, same deal on this laptop, fullscreen only thru click on, always opens non-fullscreen.

(While not needed in unity-3d, form-factor to netbook does cause a fullscreen dash until the dash is restored, then the gsetting is auto set back to Desktop

A current related bug on unity-2d

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