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I am running VMWare workstation.

I would like to share my whole tree with my Guest OS. Currently I am sharing a directory using the line below

.host:/ /home/username/Documents vmhgfs auto,rw,exec,utf8 0 0

I already tried using C:/ but something I am missing in order to mount it properly. Any suggestions?


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You should have a read through the documentation on the VMware support page for this but to summarise;

To share files between a host computer and a virtual machine or between two virtual machines, you use the networking features of VMware Workstation. If you know how to share files between two physical computers on a network, you already know how to share files with a virtual machine.

This section describes four scenarios for sharing files between two systems, either a host computer and a virtual machine or two virtual machines, where

  • Both systems run Windows operating systems, using Windows file sharing
  • You are connecting from a Linux system to a Windows system, using smbmount
  • You are connecting from a Windows system to a Linux system, using Samba
  • Both systems run Linux operating systems, using NFS, FTP and Telnet

You can apply the same principles to share files between virtual machines. Configuration for FreeBSD guests is similar to that for Linux guests.

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