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pwd | grep 'database$'
if [ "$?" = 0 ]; then
echo "has db"
cd ..
cd ..
echo "after has db"

after I execute it I see

has db
after has db

and I'm still in the same dir, how to fix it?

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I think it has to do with how you run the script.

If you do:

sh ./



Then it invokes a new shell, runs the script, then returns you to the current one. So the cd is done in the new shell and your current one is untouched.

Try this instead:

. ./

Which will run in your current shell, and you'll keep the results after it finishes.

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@UAdapter: to be sure that the issue is how u r running the script and not with the script, try printing the current working directory from the script before and after executing each cd command. – binW Nov 18 '11 at 16:59

A function would be more suitable for a command like this. E.g.

back() {
    if [[ $PWD = *database ]]; then
        cd ../../

Put it in ~/.bashrc to have this new back command available in new interactive bash sessions.

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