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I had a dual boot setup on my system, with ubuntu 11.04 and Win7. Yesterday I updated ubuntu to 11.10. Now , I cannot seem to be able to load Win7 , I do see an entry for it on the boot menu. I select that entry and then the screen goes black , with everything coming to a standstill. I tried to wait for it to respond but nothing happened.

I went through the forums and tried "grub-update" but when I do that , nothing really happens. I am not sure of this , but I get no output from grub for upto 10 minutes ( can grub-update be made verbose )

How can I fix this and get back to booting both OS'es properly ?

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If you have a Windows recovery disk, you should be able to use this to regain access to Windows. However, when this process is done, it would have replaced GRUB's Master Boot Record with Windows', and if you want access to Ubuntu again you will have to run update-grub from a Live-CD or Live-USB, as described here.

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your problem mybe due to the MBR when you installed the Ubuntu. I meet some problem when I install Acer Notebook. But I reinstall Ubuntu. and select use grub keep infomation on MBR. so you can see the Win7 item from boot menu.

I think you need reinstall Win7 . for I meet the "blue screen" after I install Ubuntu 10.04 and when I bootup win7. I use win7 backup disk image to recovery the win7. the recovery process spend me 2 hours time

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