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I want to attach remote FTP directory as a local directory in my system. I will use curlftpfs line in the fstab file , but to login I have to pass my user name and password. The user name has a special character (@) and it needs to be escaped via octal ascii code. The octal ascii for '@' is 100. But when I try to enter the following into the FSTAB file,

curlftpfs#myself\ /mnt/somedir 

I get an error saying

Error connecting to ftp: Couldn't resolve host ''

The fstab does not recognize escaped symbol @ (\100) and thinks that the FTP site should start immediately after the @ symbol (just like I haven't escaped it).

Can someone help? Why I cannot escape @, when it can be done for space character, for example?

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It seems that this is not possible in fstab file as @ symbol is also a trigger. Experts recommend using SSHFS instead (

I will mark this as an answer.

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you can do this another way... for example

I just added ,credentials=/home/martijn/.smbpass to my fstab's list of options for the mount in question and in the /home/martijn/.smbpass file I have the following:


the password works that way.

Hope this helps someone.

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