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Possible Duplicate:
How well do laptops with Nvidia Optimus work?

i have dell dell inspiron 15r and company give the windows 7 64 bit os. i have 1GB 525m nvidia graphic card which work in windows very well but when i install the ubuntu 10.10 then graphic card is not work.

ubuntu 10.10 give that message that i have nvidia graphic card which not active you want to active. when i say ok then its download driver from the net and then install it when restart computer then graphic terminal is not working other terminal is work well. i have not idea why that happen plz help me ?

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I recommend to download and install the driver from nvidia directly. Following steps are necessary:

  1. Download the latest linux driver for your card from Nvidia

store it in a folder, e.g. /tmp/

Close all running programs and save all changes to any open documents!!!

  1. Switch to plain text console (CTRL + ALT + F1) and log in as normal user

  2. make the .run file executrable with:

    chmod +x /tmp/

  3. stop the graphical window manager:

    sudo initctl stop gdm

  4. install the driver:


Follow the instructions - warnings might appear but usually can be considered harmless

  1. restart the graphical window manager:

    sudo initctl start gdm

  2. switch back to workspace by pressing CTRL + ALT + F7 or F8

(replaye NVIDIA### by the original filename of the file downloaded)s

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