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Yes I am new to Linux but am learning stuff daily as I finally migrated my work systems to Ubuntu 11.10 and they works pretty decent given the fact that some of the application I have to use to do my job are not supported by Linux ... yet.

Anyways, I was working with Unity, not even knowing there was a Gnome3 environment until I ran across a post while searching for a fix on another unrelated issue.

Lo and behold, I was able after much searching to log in Gnome 3 after installing the required packages. I don't know how many articles I had to read for someone to tell me how to log into Gnome3 or into Unity by selecting the little wheel on the login screen to get the drop down for the different environments ...(I know... I'm such a Noob but I'm sure we all were at one time or another).

Again, after using Unity, I was hooked on Linux and decided if I can get it to work with all the Apps I need at work and play a little WOW every now and again, I'm good to go.

But again to the point. I logged into Gnome3. No icons but just a cool experience to see what the heck this thing does. I eventually figured out how to use it and I love Gnome 3 but it is as buggy as the C++ programs I first learned to write in college. I don't know if it's because i installed the packages after I was up and running in Unity or what.

The issues I have are that it locks the desktop up randomly..just locks it up. Usually when i have a lot of screens opened. Never fails that it does it when i put the mouse up in the top/left corner to swap Apps. Then I can't get to the windows in the back to shut them down. A few times i just have to turn the power off on my PC ( sigh, what a POS I say to myself every time I decide "oh it was an isolated incidence"...try it again..it's so cool and designed the way I would design a desktop .. intuitive...just cool man cool) but it fails me again and again. If I had to guess I would say it's a memory problem..i do have 2gigs but nevertheless it just stops working. The mouse doesn't respond ...eventually the keyboard doesn't respond. Just the Power Off button is the only way out. Never had an issue like this in Unity. Using the same Apps in the same way and I bet the system will crash in 45 minutes to an hour. Usually, I have 7-10 windows opened. I wish I knew enough to get the correct logs, I'm sure it's a bug. I'm not doing anything fancy..just running email, word docs, jave apps, vpn, pidgin, maybe some SQL stuff or communication Apps, etc. Anyways I've decided to wait for another major release to try it again... until then I'm sticking with Unity which is also very cool.

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These things are very new, and the community is still a little bit confused, which isn't very strange since also the media is confused.

Ubuntu 11.10 uses Gnome 3 by default. What you call Gnome 3, is actually called Gnome Shell. Both Unity and Gnome Shell are shells for Gnome 3, which is called a Desktop Environment. All the underlying technologies are the same. When we talk about shells, we mean a program used to interact with the system, such as launching applications, switching between windows, etc. It is sort of similar to using different web browsers to access the web. Actually, a web browser could very easily have been called a web shell. The web stays the same whether you use Chrome or Firefox, but you interact with it a little differently.

We have many different shells for Gnome 3. The defaults in Ubuntu are Unity and Unity 2D, which are different programs that follows the same design and technical specifications, but are made using different tools. There is also Gnome Shell, which also provides Gnome Panel as a "fallback" solution in case Gnome Shell doesn't work, because it is very dependent on your graphics hardware. There are many, many other shells available as well.

There is friendly competition between Gnome Shell and Unity, but there are no conflicts. Unfortunately, as I said before, there is lots of confusion, which is understandable as long as the media keeps talking about "replacing Gnome with Unity", which is complete nonsense.

All this is to say that, just as you would switch to a different browser if some webapp doesn't work properly, you can switch shells if they give you any problems. Unity is the default shell in Ubuntu, so there's nothing wrong with "sticking with it". Indeed, that is recommendable. However, this site is not a good place to report bugs. Ubuntu uses http://www.Launchpad.net for that and upstream Gnome uses http://bugzilla.gnome.org. The best way to file a bug report about Gnome Shell, is to first report it on their Bugzilla and then report it on Launchpad with a link to the bug report on Bugzilla.

The reason Gnome Shell keeps acting up is most likely due to a bad driver for your graphics hardware. You may want to look into that. Also, when your desktop acts up, you can try to press alt+ctrl+f1 to get to a text-based console where you can log in and log out cleanly without powering off your system. Try using killall gnome-session. That should log you out and back into the main login screen. Wait 10-30 seconds and if nothing seems to happen, try running killall -9 gnome-session, which will forcibly log you out.

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