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I need to upgrade my existing Ubuntu system, and I also want to install Ubuntu on a new laptop. I would like to have an installation CD or DVD to do both of these. Where exactly I can order or request an Ubuntu installation CD/DVD?

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To buy, http://shop.canonical.com/index.php?cPath=17

To download, http://www.ubuntu.com/download

Or, for more specific downloads: http://releases.ubuntu.com/ where you can find other recognized flavors, and torrents.

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DVDs for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Desktop and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server are currently available for pre-order at the Canonical Store linked to in the answer. –  karel Apr 25 at 16:00

You can Buy Ubuntu Desktop DVD from OSDisc.com website.

You can also obtain the Full Ubuntu Software Repository (11 DVDs) from there site or You can directly go to the page by clicking here.

Please Remember that, You must pay for their products. If you do not need all of the software from the repository, It probably be costly for you.

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Full repository, Nice! that would be great for no Internet. –  Mateo May 13 '12 at 17:46

It's no longer possible to request a CD with the "Ship-it" service. You now have to download it, or order it from a third party company or via the Canonical Store.


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You should try downloading an ISO image from http://www.ubuntu.com/download. This page describes how to burn the downloaded ISO to a disk after you obtained it.

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