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I installed Compiz on my laptop running Ubuntu 11.10 last week. The way I installed it was kind of different, I opened up a terminal and typed this command:

    sudo apt-cache search compiz 

After that, I installed all the packages that appeared in the terminal window. I enjoyed all the effects of Compiz like Paint fire on screen, Desktop Cube, but I can't help but noticing people having some extra plugins which I don't have, such as Atlantis, Snow, Tile and much more.

Where are they getting all those plugins and how do I get them?

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Why 'sudo'? It worked without for me. – MadTux Jul 3 '13 at 14:08
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See compiz wiki plugins to learn about all plugins, including ones not added by default in CCSM and other compiz configuration tools.

Also look at wiki entrance under "Installing Compiz" for installation information and to understand differences in core compiz.

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Many of those plugins are no longer supported or developed, and were only available in older versions of Ubuntu. Tile and Snow may still be available, possibly atlantis, but for the most part many of the "useless candy" plugins are no longer maintained.

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Go to terminal then type the following:

For Older Ubuntu versions:

sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-plugins-extra

In Ubuntu 12.10:

sudo apt-get install compiz-plugins
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Unfortunately, Snow, Cube 3D Models, and Cube Atlantis no longer function. At least, not for Unity, anyway...I installed the compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported pkg, enabled Snow, and went to go configure it, and...what do you know! A blank configuration panel. Same went for Cube 3D Models and Cube Atlantis. Such a shame, really... edit 9:08pm: Strange...Cube Gears works under 11.10, though.

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