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i have flash problem on youtube and other flash sites in firefox but they work good in chromium the screen shots

how i can i fix this problem ?

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Does the problem occur if you watch the video in Firefox in another user account? (I'm talking about user accounts on your Ubuntu system, not YouTube user accounts.) If you only have one account, you can create a second account for testing purposes. (Please note that I am not suggesting that this is an acceptable workaround--I'm asking you to try it because this provides diagnostic information important to determining the cause of the problem.) You can post your answer to this question as a comment or, preferably, edit your question to include it. – Eliah Kagan Nov 16 '11 at 2:38
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I have the same issue, after the last upgrade to firefox 8 and the last update of flash, Firefox doesn't behave properly in website with flash while Google Chrome has not such issues.

I could solve the issue by installing the addon FlashAid and selecting the Chrome Flash Player rather than the adobe one.

Hope this helps.

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