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In an attempt to learn more about Ubuntu and its packages, I want to remove all non-essential packages, so I can install what I need, when I need them and know what they do.

I'm using the commands dpkg --clear-selections and apt-get dselect-upgrade for this. I also slightly modify the selection by setting apt libstdc++6 (due to apt) install-info (due to grep) to install again (somehow dpkg thinks they are not essential, but apt-get complains).

Is this ok, or is this bad? If it's ok, what do I do with the large list of packages with "deinstall" status in dpkg?

An additional note, I'm doing this on a VPS template so I have no control over the initially installed packages.

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With the following command you can obtain a list of installed packages, classified by priority:

dpkg-query -Wf '${Package;-40}${Priority}\n' | sort -b -k2,2 -k1,1

A description of priorities is given in the Debian Policy Manual.

In my installation I obtain the following (I only show required, important and standard packages):

apt                                     important
aptitude                                important
apt-utils                               important
bsdmainutils                            important
cron                                    important
debconf-i18n                            important
dmidecode                               important
gnupg                                   important
gpgv                                    important
groff-base                              important
info                                    important
install-info                            important
iptables                                important
iputils-ping                            important
isc-dhcp-client                         important
isc-dhcp-common                         important
libapt-inst1.3                          important
libapt-pkg4.11                          important
libboost-iostreams1.46.1                important
libcwidget3                             important
libept1                                 important
libgdbm3                                important
libgdbm3                                important
libgudev-1.0-0                          important
libnewt0.52                             important
libpcre3                                important
libpipeline1                            important
libpopt0                                important
libreadline6                            important
libssl1.0.0                             important
libsysfs2                               important
libusb-0.1-4                            important
libxapian22                             important
logrotate                               important
man-db                                  important
manpages                                important
medibuntu-keyring                       important
nano                                    important
netbase                                 important
net-tools                               important
python                                  important
readline-common                         important
rsyslog                                 important
ubuntu-extras-keyring                   important
ubuntu-keyring                          important
vim-common                              important
vim-tiny                                important
wget                                    important
whiptail                                important
adduser                                 required
base-files                              required
base-passwd                             required
bash                                    required
bsdutils                                required
busybox-initramfs                       required
coreutils                               required
cpio                                    required
dash                                    required
debconf                                 required
debianutils                             required
diffutils                               required
dpkg                                    required
e2fslibs                                required
e2fsprogs                               required
findutils                               required
gcc-4.6-base                            required
gcc-4.6-base                            required
grep                                    required
gzip                                    required
hostname                                required
ifupdown                                required
initscripts                             required
insserv                                 required
iproute                                 required
klibc-utils                             required
libacl1                                 required
libacl1                                 required
libattr1                                required
libattr1                                required
libblkid1                               required
libbz2-1.0                              required
libc6                                   required
libc6                                   required
libc-bin                                required
libcomerr2                              required
libcomerr2                              required
libdb5.1                                required
libdbus-1-3                             required
libdevmapper1.02.1                      required
libdrm2                                 required
libdrm-intel1                           required
libdrm-nouveau1a                        required
libdrm-radeon1                          required
libffi6                                 required
libgcc1                                 required
libgcc1                                 required
libglib2.0-0                            required
libklibc                                required
liblocale-gettext-perl                  required
liblzma2                                required
libmount1                               required
libncurses5                             required
libncursesw5                            required
libnih1                                 required
libnih-dbus1                            required
libpam0g                                required
libpam-modules                          required
libpam-modules-bin                      required
libpam-runtime                          required
libpciaccess0                           required
libpcre3                                required
libplymouth2                            required
libpng12-0                              required
libselinux1                             required
libselinux1                             required
libslang2                               required
libss2                                  required
libssl1.0.0                             required
libstdc++6                              required
libstdc++6                              required
libtext-charwidth-perl                  required
libtext-iconv-perl                      required
libtext-wrapi18n-perl                   required
libtinfo5                               required
libudev0                                required
libuuid1                                required
libuuid1                                required
locales                                 required
login                                   required
lsb-base                                required
lzma                                    required
makedev                                 required
mawk                                    required
module-init-tools                       required
mount                                   required
mountall                                required
multiarch-support                       required
ncurses-base                            required
ncurses-bin                             required
passwd                                  required
perl-base                               required
plymouth                                required
procps                                  required
python2.7-minimal                       required
python-minimal                          required
sed                                     required
sensible-utils                          required
sysvinit-utils                          required
sysv-rc                                 required
tar                                     required
tzdata                                  required
udev                                    required
upstart                                 required
ureadahead                              required
util-linux                              required
xz-utils                                required
zlib1g                                  required
zlib1g                                  required
at                                      standard
bash-completion                         standard
bc                                      standard
bind9-host                              standard
dc                                      standard
dnsutils                                standard
file                                    standard
ftp                                     standard
gettext-base                            standard
less                                    standard
libbind9-60                             standard
libcap2                                 standard
libdb5.1                                standard
libdns69                                standard
libedit2                                standard
libevent-2.0-5                          standard
libgc1c2                                standard
libgcrypt11                             standard
libgcrypt11                             standard
libgnutls26                             standard
libgnutls26                             standard
libgpg-error0                           standard
libgpg-error0                           standard
libgpm2                                 standard
libgssapi-krb5-2                        standard
libgssapi-krb5-2                        standard
libidn11                                standard
libidn11                                standard
libisc62                                standard
libk5crypto3                            standard
libk5crypto3                            standard
libkeyutils1                            standard
libkeyutils1                            standard
libkrb5-3                               standard
libkrb5-3                               standard
libkrb5support0                         standard
libkrb5support0                         standard
libldap-2.4-2                           standard
libldap-2.4-2                           standard
liblockfile1                            standard
liblwres60                              standard
libmagic1                               standard
libpci3                                 standard
libsasl2-2                              standard
libsasl2-2                              standard
libsqlite3-0                            standard
libsqlite3-0                            standard
libtasn1-3                              standard
libtasn1-3                              standard
libxml2                                 standard
lsof                                    standard
m4                                      standard
make                                    standard
mime-support                            standard
mlocate                                 standard
openssh-client                          standard
patch                                   standard
pciutils                                standard
perl                                    standard
perl-modules                            standard
python-apt                              standard
python-central                          standard
telnet                                  standard
time                                    standard
ucf                                     standard
wamerican                               standard
whois                                   standard

The Base System is defined as a system containing only required and important packages.

Packages marked as standard are not strictly needed for a working system, but you can get into difficulties if you miss them.

So, to remove all unneeded packages (optional and extra), you can execute the following command:

sudo apt-get --simulate purge $(dpkg-query -Wf '${Package;-40}${Priority}\n' | 
    awk '$2 ~ /optional|extra/ { print $1 }')

I added the --simulate option to be safe and see what apt says.

Strangely, it asks to remove also some required packages: e2fsprogs, util-linux, hostname and upstart, so it is necessary to reinstall these packages. I would download the packages in advance (apt-get download <packages>), to avoid network problems after.

Take also into account that for a working Wifi you can need some optional or extra package, removed in the above procedure.

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