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I would like to write a fortran program which uses NetCDF. In order to do so, I have to have the netcdf-module somewhere on my harddisc, and tell my compiler where to find it. In Synaptic, the following packages are installed:


libnetcdf-dev, especially, promises "everything needed for developing in C, C++, Fortran 77, and Fortran 90"; however, I cannot find the libraries anywhere on my system, and accordingly, I cannot develop anything. Where might the libraries be? They are neither in /usr/share, nor in /usr/lib. And how, in general, can I found out where a package installs its files on my machine?

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If you open Synaptic and focus on any installed package then click "Properties" button, you can see dialog with "Installed Files" tab.

So netcdf libraries are in /usr/lib/ and include files in /usr/include if you installed libnetcdf-dev through packaging system

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Ah... indeed. Thanks. – CAL Nov 15 '11 at 6:21

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