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I want to use the web browser Epiphany as a secondary browser, but Windows Live Mail won't let me log in using this web browser. For that reason, I want Epiphany to identify itself as another browser, e.g. Firefox. Is this possible?

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No, unfortunately, epiphany doesn't support masquarading itself as another browser. If you would like a browser with this capability, Midori is a nice lightweight web browser that supports disquising itself as other browsers. Hope that helps!

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Thank you for the alternative, but for some reason, Windows Live Mail won't let me log in with Midori, using the plugin you mentioned. – Exeleration-G Nov 21 '11 at 18:00
Hmm... does a VM with windoze work? – William Nov 21 '11 at 18:19
Don't know, I'll check soon :-) – Exeleration-G Nov 21 '11 at 18:30
That is strange that you have to use Windows or Mac to use hotmail. – William Nov 22 '11 at 2:31
I've just checked, but Windows Live Mail won't let me log in with Midori on Microsoft Windows 7 either, even when using the disguise. – Exeleration-G Nov 22 '11 at 14:24

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