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I long for Linux and have been trying for the past 12 days to install Ubuntu/Linux mint on my Laptop [Sony VAIO VPC Z138gGG with 256GB SSD HDD/8GB RAM/NVIDIA GEFORCE Graphics card] without success.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 bit installed perfectly (without touchpad support) but on restart after commencing boot displays few lines and freezes. I have tried Ubuntu 11.04 but bootloader grub does not install & remote help via Teamviewer was not possible because of lib file errors. I have managed to install linux mint 11 32 bit on my desktop and with a friends help and have no problem with it. But I do hear there is problem always in installing Linux onto Sony Vaio.

I have tried installing Linux mint 11 32bit & 64bit on my laptop without success! Could someone help?

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help and install script here for z series Vaio's Launchpad

and here Vaio Blog

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