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I'm new to Ubuntu. And I have some problems now. I downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 and burned it onto a CD. Then I load it in my conputer, it's easy. But when I finished those and restarted the computer, the problem comes:

After I choose to log in the Ubuntu system,the screen stays in pink, and it can't jump into (about 30 min), and then I have no choices but to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot. Another time I choose Ubuntu to log in, it shows on the screen that "BusyBox v1.18.4 ...... built-in shell ...... initramfs".

However the Live CD works very well. What’s more, there is a Windows 7 partition on the hard drive. (Windows 7 is also okay.) But I leave more than 20GB on the hard drive to Ubuntu. When I installed Ubuntu, I only made two partitions (swap and /). I don’t know where the problems happened and how to deal with them. And I hope someone can help me out with the troubles.

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If you want to install ubuntu with windows 7 it is best to use wubi. Try to delete ubuntu installation and continue with wubi and dual boot.

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Thanks for your reply!But I have a nother question: Does the type of partition (ntfs and fat32) make a difference? – Xianlin Xiong Nov 16 '11 at 3:40

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