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Synergy is an app that allows two or more computers to share a keyboard and mouse. I have both Synergy and QuickSynergy (the GUI for synergy) installed from the repositories on two computers. One, my "main" box, is running Ubuntu 11.10. Sitting above it on a shelf is an older laptop running Lubuntu 11.10. I have watched a couple of youtube videos which attept to walk one through the setup process but so far I have not found one that can help me. I have the required applications installed on both machines and they are connected via my wireless router. I need to know exactly what to input (and where) on each machine in order to sync my mouse, keyboard, and clipboard between the two.

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Here's a Synergy user guide and a sample configuration file. If you prefer to configure it with a GUI rather than a config file, try the 1.4.5 beta at Synergy's download page.

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Installed the beta package... configured the app, still nothing. – Shawn Nov 14 '11 at 6:21
What happens when you start Synergy? Any error messages? – regan Nov 16 '11 at 13:28

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