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When I detach the monitor from my computer Xubuntu won't boot. If I plug in the monitor after a while I can see it's stuck somewhere (I see a frozen Xubuntu boot screen progress bar)

When I boot with my monitor attached it does boot normally.

Is there a way to get this to work? I read somewhere Xubuntu even requires a screen while booting. This is supposed to be a headless server where I can ssh/vnc into.

Btw: no network connections are established either, so I can't ssh into the box.

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Even I am facing the same problem. I require my PC to boot without a monitor, but later if I connect a monitor I should be able to login and get it working. – Shiv Feb 16 '12 at 5:26

The best idea would be to remove lightdm and the plymouth* packages, do a sudo update-initramfs -u and reboot. Other solutions may exist; see other posts tagged .

This way, your login window won't come and you can still start the GUI from CLI with startxfce4 when the need arises.

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