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Just installed 11.10 last week and decided to transfer iTunes music (from Windows dual boot) to my Seagate 320GB. I left it in, restarted, clicked Ubuntu at the boot screen, and then it froze after a few lines of code! I think I got to 3.7086 or something before I pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL and the system restarted after another few lines of code.

I am completely new to Ubuntu so after Googling, I made a live CD with 10.04, the most stable release I've heard, and I'm typing this from there now. However, when I go to mount my partition, only the Windows Vista partition (308GB) is there! It has all my Windows files but my Ubuntu 11.10 ones are nowhere to be found.

I need to restore these pictures I transferred from my camera using Shotwell the other day... any help is appreciated!

p.s. 11.10 has never crashed on me in my trial week, so I'm guessing it's the Seagate hard drive's fault. However, now I'm running it on 10.04 and it works fine.

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This guide explains how to attempt to recover a partition using testdisk.

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