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How to customize live Ubuntu CD?

i love ubuntu 11.10 but i hate Unity ... we have a team of developers here (15) and we all use ubuntu and we want to have our own "ubuntu" with our software pre-installed.

every time we install ubuntu for a new employee we have to remove

  • unity
  • evolution
  • totem
  • (and more)

and we have to install:

  • vim
  • firefox 7
  • yed
  • (and more)

is it easy to build a new version or flavor of linux based on ubuntu that match our needs?


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I suggest something else. You can create your custom ISO with some tools. Remastersys is one of them: http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/

There is a simple howto:

Also, Relinux is another project:

With these tools, you can create your own custom Ubuntu ISO and easily install anywhere.

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