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I was spoilt by Konqueror in KDE 3.5.x which used to:

  1. integrated browsing of FTP,DAV,SSH,SAMBA resources
  2. integrated terminals
  3. powerful multi-pane and tabs support (it used to open web pages and other files)

I want to manage 4-8 directories at once, with the occasional SSH or Samba directory.

There are a lot of power-user file browsers, but I want something that plays nice with the existing Nautilus - with previews, bookmarks, context actions etc.

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Maybe GNOME Commander? – Anonymous Nov 11 '11 at 12:28
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  1. To browse the Network just open and mount a network location by Bowse Network or choose Go -> Network.

  2. To have an integrated terminal see Nautilus-Terminal, also available from this ppa: ppa:flozz/flozz

  3. Nautilus 3 is able to open directories in a new tab by default (right-click context menu Open in New Tab)

  4. For custom menus see Nautilus Actions

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