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I would like to make something in python and release it on a ppa or sourceforge but i dont know what i want to make can someone help me but it cant be somthing super challenging just like intermediate or begginer maybe.

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What I am going to propose is more of a personal project I have not had time to start yet, but here it goes.

A plugin for GTG which will display in a small indicator applet or whatever its equal is in Gnome Shell the current "task load"; in other words, will display a red color if one has many upcoming tasks, yellow for a moderate load, green for almost none or none.

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I have difficulties to know what your purpose is… Is it for educational purposes?

I would personaly like to have a small program that would let me listen to webradios in a very simple way: just add a URL and a name, maybe a logo, and there you go you can listen to your radio. For the moment I use Banshee and Rhythmbox and they do the job perfectly.

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radio tray, does exactly that. :) –  suli8 Nov 11 '11 at 2:28
Haha it is educational in a way for me to learn more python haha. –  Huntaz556 Nov 11 '11 at 2:30

Simple tool that can help to transfer mp3 and mp4 files to Ipod effectively -- Like what Copytrans does for Windows.

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I almost didn't put my two cents in since this is similar to questions that get asked in Programmers all the time. The answer I always give is to do something you need. Basically if it doesn't solve a problem for you or if it doesn't implement something that you think will be cool, you will likely loose interest soon or just do it halfway if it's a tool. You have no idea on how it should look, work, perform if it wasn't your idea to begin with and you have no real interest in driving it to completion other than to learn.

So the answer is to find something you think would be cool to do or will fix/mitigate a problem or bug that bothers you because then you would have a real interest in finishing it and doing it right.

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