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Possible Duplicate:
Why are the hidden settings-folders not deleted when purging an application?

Ok I have 8GB on my desktop dual booting win 7. I installed a few games, assualtcube, tremolous, and spring. But I had removed them using 'remove --purge' and only to find they are still lingering and purge does not well truly purge them. I need them completely gone and not secretly hogging space when I purged them. How can i completely remove software, like it is gone and not going to take any more of my precious space? Shrinking 7 and growing Ubuntu is not an answer I am accepting, i want to know how to completely remove software.

Thank you for your time and your answers.

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'sudo apt-get remove --purge PKG' should (and I believe does) completely remove every file installed by the package (unless there is a packaging error). It does not remove files created during use of the pkg. – kyleN Nov 11 '11 at 1:19
is it just 'sudo apt-get remove --purge PKG' or do I have to put the softwares name after PKG? – Dustin Nov 11 '11 at 3:49
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After using the sudo apt-get remove --purge to uninstall the software then, you can use sudo apt-get autoremove to get rid of the residing none-useful files.

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