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I cannot install Ubuntu 11.04 or 11.10 32 or 64 bit from CD or USB Drive on my machine. I tried to unplug all devices connected to USB, no changes the same thing: [ 15.383691] sd 7:0:0:3: [sdg] Attached SCSI removeable disk.

And then the installation or Live image booting does nothing more... Its quite annoying that Ubuntu run on every of my Machines but not on my new PC :(

What can I do to get that running?

Edit: Fascinating thing I found out, is that the 10.04 LTS seems to work in every way. Why does 11.04 or 11.10 does not... Maybe theres a Bug in the installer ?

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At boot time, try to press F6 and add one, two or these 3 commands: acpi=off noapic noalpic

That is:
acpi=off noapic noalpic, or
acpi=off noalpic, or
acpi=off noapic, or
noapic noalpic, or
acpi=off, or
noapic, or

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Did you try to change the BIOS? The CD should be the first BOOT devise.

To access the BIOS menu, on the ACER, you press [F2] when the BIOS message is shown after you turn on the computer. Then, you can navigate the BIOS with the arrow keys and change the BOOT devise. The on-screen help will tell you how to change it, and how to save it.

The first element should be CD or DVD. HD stands for Hard Drive and should be second, or third...

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