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I'm trying to get the Schedule for GADMIN-RSYNC working on Ubuntu 11.10.

When I try to save Schedule options, I get an information window which states:

Error: The time schedule server "cron(d)" does not seem to be runing.

When I do a ps aux | grep cron, I get this:

root       876  0.0  0.1  18976   944 ?        Ss   19:48   0:00 cron

So, I assume cron is actually running.

My Gadmin-Rsync version is 0.1.7

Everything else about Gadmin-Rsync works properly. Any advice on what I should try next?


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When running from a terminal, it says that it's looking for crond, not cron - I guess this is why we get this error. You can still manually setup the cron for your specific backup (using crontab -e) and making it run one of your backup scripts located in /etc/gadmin-rsync/scripts/ (which gadmin-rsync would likely have created).

Hope it helps!

(note: I would have liked to directly fix the problem in the application itself but the source code from the gadmin web site is not available atm)

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