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Early I have noticed that there are global hotkeys in Rhythmbox ( or may be in sound-menu). CTRL+SHIFT+PgDn and CTRL+SHIFT+PgUp for next/prev track and CTRL+SHIFT+End for pause/play.

I haven't configured them, I've noticed them accidentally and I was happy =)

Than I've reinstalled my ubuntu ( I've install the same version of ubuntu ), and now I don't have this global hotkeys?

How to bind them? I can't find this config.

In System-> Keyboard Shortcuts there is no option to bind triple hotkeys ( I mean for example ctrl+shift+pgDn, it allows only ctrl+pgDn )

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Are you still looking for help with this problem? I'm unable to reproduce it and can set triple hotkeys to be bound to Play Next etc through System > Keyboard Shortcuts –  coversnail May 14 '12 at 21:25